How to develop for SmartWatch 2

Börja utveckla för smartwatch 2

Most Sony Xperia™ products are based on Android, this makes it easy for developers to extend apps for Sony’s Smart accessories like SmartWatch 2. With open API the possibilities to create your own app are wide open.

Get started

The Sony Add-on Software Development Kit (SDK) provides a number of add-on possibilities including the SmartExtensions which allows you to specify layouts, show notifications, access the light sensor. API’s available in SmartExtensions are Registration and Capabilities, Notification, Control, and Sensor. SmartWatch 2 is compatible with Android 4.0 or later, use the SmartConnect application to easily connect the devices.

  • O Download and install the Android Development Tool Bundle. This package includes the API library and all the basic tools for building and debugging:
    • o Eclipse + ADT plugin
    • o Android SDK Tools
    • o Android Platform
    • o Android Platform-tools
    • o Android system image for the emulator
  • O Download and install the latest version of the Sony Add-on SDK. For SmartWatch 2, the folders you want are found in Samples > SmartExtensions

Support and Troubleshooting

If you run into trouble, there is full documentation available in the Sony Add-on SDK documentation kit. For specific questions, join Stack Overflow and tag your question with ‘Sony’ to get help from a Sony engineer or a community member. You can also check out our tutorials and tips. The API references are available to you both online and as a document in the kit.

Get inspired by the major SmartWatch 2 firmware update, available to download from Play Store.

Do you need a SmartWatch 2 to test your app? Try the Borrow a product service available in US and Canada.